Connect your school community online

Build a thriving, collaborative parent community, both online and offline.

PTAsocial is now Plan Social

A private online community with built-in collaboration tools

With Plan Social, your school and parents association will actively engage parents, and tap into the huge volunteer potential you may not even realize is there.

We've worked with thousands of schools and PTAs/PTOs globally, observing best practice and gaining insights on how the most successful ones organize themselves online. We know what you need to build a strong school community and maintain a powerful and effective parents association. 

As we work exclusively with school parent groups, our web tools are specific to elementary, middle, and high schools who want to be organized and inclusive, without tricky technical set-up. Data protection, security and privacy are our priorities, so you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands and all interactions are permission-based. 

From virtual classrooms, private messaging, paying for event tickets or sourcing event volunteers, to building a website to promote your auction listings --- with our unique collaboration and delegation features, we've got you covered.

Create your free private online community hub today and see the difference Plan Social makes to your school! 

Natalie used Plan Social to build a website to promote her middle school's PTA Spring Auction

Good-bye Wordpress! Once we moved to Plan Social, it was so much easier to organize our auction event. The website came with ready-built sections to display our auction items, plus sell tickets and buy-now items. It was easy to find volunteers to update the website because it was so simple to edit.

(i.e. No web developers needed!) We're all delighted with it, and it looks great too

Natalie, PTA President

MS 447, Brooklyn NY

Beth used Plan Social to showcase the mission of her PTA to her fellow high school parents. 

With Plan Social we now have a way to represent our PTA in its best light, communicating with parents easily to show them what we are doing, and helping more people to get involved, even if they are busy.

Beth, PTA Co-President

High School for Economics and Finance

Manhattan, NY

Building an active school community is hard.

Plan Social makes it easier. 

Our user-friendly Community App and Website Builder will transform the way you communicate with parents at your school.

Parents who have never volunteered before will feel comfortable giving a little of their time when they see how easy it is to help with a specific task.

Existing volunteers will be delighted to have more parents helping out, and teachers and PTA Officers will save a ton of planning time and stress as we guide you through your journey.

Your school principal will love it because it increases parental involvement while taking the administrative burden away from school staff, and provides a private and safe online environment.

As a result, your school culture becomes more inviting, more inclusive and more community-oriented.

Caroline used Plan Social to build an inclusive community at her newly launched school.

With Plan Social people feel included, everything is transparent so anyone can get involved... they have all the information and opportunities available to them. We’ve many more volunteers, so we know it helps people decide to get involved! Without a doubt, thanks to Plan Social, we now have a more inclusive community.


SR Academy PTA

Lisa understood that busy parents needed an easy way to chip in with a little help. Hello Plan Social!

 People want to use their phone to get stuff done, reply to a quick email, or use social media like Facebook. This is the way people do things now, and Plan Social helps our PTA connect to people in a way that suits them. This also took a load of pressure off our committee as the volunteers could sign themselves up to slots without us having to coordinate it for them.


Decoy PTA



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