The Modern PTA Solution 

Build the thriving school community you've always dreamed of,

supported by world-class technology.

We help PTAs increase the number of active parent volunteers 

We created PTAsocial to help your PTA tap into the huge volunteer potential you may not even realize is there.

We've worked with thousands of PTAs globally, observing best practice and gaining insights from the most successful schools. We know what you need to build a strong school community and maintain a powerful and effective PTA.

We work exclusively with school parent groups so our tools are specific to elementary, middle, and high school PTAs that want to be organized, inclusive, and profitable. 

PTAsocial Customer Testimonial

With PTAsocial we now have a way to represent our PTA in its best light, communicating with parents easily to show them what we are doing, and helping more people to get involved, even if they are busy.

Beth, PTA Co-President

High School for Economics and Finance

Manhattan, NY

Running a PTA Doesn't Have to be Difficult 

Our state of the art, user-friendly Website Builder and Event Organizer App 

will transform the way you communicate with parents at your school.

Parents who have never volunteered before will feel comfortable giving a little of their time when they see how easy it is to help with a specific task.

Existing volunteers will be delighted to have more parents helping out, and PTA Officers will save a ton of planning time and stress as we guide you through your journey.

Your school principal will love it because it increases parental involvement while taking the administrative burden away from school staff, and provides a private and safe online environment.

As a result, your school culture becomes more inviting, more inclusive and more community-oriented.

PTAsocial Customer Testimonial

With PTAsocial people feel included, everything is transparent so anyone can get involved... they have all the information and opportunities available to them. We’ve many more volunteers, so we know it helps people decide to get involved! Without a doubt, thanks to PTAsocial, we now have a more inclusive community.

PTA Board Member

SR Academy

PTAsocial Customer Testimonial

 People want to use their phone to get stuff done, reply to a quick email, or use social media like Facebook. This is the way people do things now, and PTAsocial helps our PTA connect to people in a way that suits them. This also took a load of pressure of our committee as the volunteers could sign themselves up to slots without us having to coordinate it for them.

PTA Board Member

Decoy PTA



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